My Story

Thank you so much for choosing me as your Scentsy consultant! Scentsy has been a huge blessing for our family. I joined Scentsy shortly after a divorce and returning to school. I had previously owned a retail business and missed the interaction with people. I stumbled into Scentsy at a trade show and was immediately excited about the product (having previously almost burnt my house down with candles).
What I did not expect was for this new venture, done on a whim, to be such a huge change in my life. My sponsor from the start did not let me be on my own- and now I am happy to call her a close friend. I have had the opportunity to travel with her and other teammates, I have made memories I will never forget. Trips to Vegas, Indianapolis, St. Louis, 5k races ran with friends, and memories to last a lifetime.
My business also brought me some more financial freedom. I joined when money was tight- making that investment into the starter kit was a big decision. I have not regretted it. The extra Income is always a help. but the other great thing is that Scentsy has been flexible. As a full-time student and single mom- I have times that are busy, I love that I can work Scentsy around my schedule! Krystl