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My Story

For me, it's about personal growth. Looking at my life that's always been a theme. Pushing out of comfort zones and expanding my knowledge. This want for growth has led me down many different paths each helping me grow as a person, mature, and finding ways I can be a better contributor within my community. Growth helps me be a better mom, friend, mentor, and community member.

I like solving problems, for myself and for others. I like helping others discover ways to solve their own problems. Solved problems mean less stress, less worry, and more time. And all of that means happier people with time to connect with the people and things they love.

What problems do you need to be solved? Is it that you spend too much time cleaning? Is it that your hustling multiple jobs to make the ends meet? Is it that you lack the time to do the things you love? I feel one of our issues is often we're so busy trying to get through the day, week, the month we don't take time to recognize what the problems we need solving are.